3 Common Misconceptions About Marijuana

The cannabis movement has grown stronger in a way that more and more stats in America are legalizing the recreational use of cannabis as well as other parts of the world. It is also noteworthy to know that more and more people are getting educated about cannabis and its effects, both positive and negative. Just like other misconceptions about the use of vapes despite the high-quality production of Vapes New York and other shops, it is no surprise that there are also persisting misconceptions about cannabis and its effects on its users. The following are the common misconceptions about cannabis that we wish to correct.  

1.It is a potential gateway to drugs 

There are people who think that taking cannabis will make users take and try harder drugs, which have a potential threat to the physical and mental state of the person. Most of these reactions and claims come concern parents who are anxious about their children not being able to graduate because of cannabis.  


The truth is, this is a hasty generalization. According to the report created by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, there is no conclusive evidence that links the effects of cannabis on trying harder drugs. 


Another study shows that liquor and alcohol are more likely to induce motivation to try harder drugs compare to cannabis and marijuana.  


2.It makes you stupid and idle 

Contrary to this claim, the opposite is experienced by the user. In fact, a lot of research prove that the chemicals found in cannabis are able to improve productivity, lessen anxiety, and improve focus. This is the reason why most people use cannabis to induce creativity.  


A lot of CEOs, artists, businessmen, and other professionals have admitted to having used cannabis in order to be more productive as it also boosts the mood.  


Of course, all of these positive effects of cannabis is linked to proper and controlled use of the chemicals. Abusing this plant will lead to several dysfunctions physically and mentally. 


3.It is deadly 

This is, by far, a very wrong assumption about cannabis, as you have more chances of death in using drinking alcohol and accidents than merely taking cannabis in moderate amounts.  


The amount of deaths that are linked to cannabis smoking is usually taken from accidents and bad lifestyles and habits, not to smoking cannabis alone.  


Of course, as mentioned, there is a need to take cannabis in moderation in order to experience its benefits and avoid the negative consequences of addiction. Anything can be dangerous in excessive amounts, so take anything in moderation, including cannabis. 


There are still many misconceptions about cannabis that demonize its name to other people, especially nonusers. But the truth is, cannabis is more advantageous than threatening when it is used properly and moderately.  



As we have mentioned, it provides physical and mental benefits to the ones using it. It can potentially be used for alleviating pains and anxiety, reducing your chances of depression. It is also used as a medicine in different types of illnesses and diseases.